Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

As part of our offer, we also provide digital advertising services, in our website and social media accounts. Our team is highly supported by marketing professionals, along with other advertising and web service companies.

Whatever your choice, contact us through the form at this page’s footer!

Advertising inside

Type Description Rate by type of contract
Footer This space is always present in the website regardless of the section, so your banner will be always visible. 450.00 MXN monthly / 880.00 MXN bi-monthly / 1100.00 MXN quarterly
Sidebar This space is present in all sections with sidebar on it. 300.00 MXN monthly / 580.00 MXN bi-monthly/ 850.00 MXN quarterly

Facebook advertising

Through our Facebook page we can manage a full social media campaign about your company, club or product.

We have a daily rate of $150.00MXN, in which further to our regular posts we’ll be adding yours, determining the best hour for its visibility.

If you like, through the contracted campaign’s specified time, we can add your image and name to our Facebook profile timeline / biography image for daily $100.00 MXN, ensuring total and full visibility.

Graphic design

If you haven’t designed your banner or promotional image for social media, we offer you our graphic design service. Because it is a variable work referring in terms of time, dimensions and requirements, we ask you to indicate all these when contacting us, to fully understand your necessity and give you a fixed price.